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ATTENTION: Looking to grow your following and reach? “How To Leverage On Live Video Streaming Platforms To Reach Thousands of Viewers And Build An Epic Brand…” This Course, You’ll Discover The Steps, Methods, And Techniques To Setting Yourself Up For Success On Periscope, Blab, AndMeerkat! Internet marketing is constantly evolving and is in a state of […]

Rapid HashTag Traffic Video Course

“Finally, Discover How to Generate Highly-Targeted Twitter and Facebook Social Media Traffic with Hashtags…Even If You Don’t Know How to Get Started, Starting Today!” This training course was created so that you can quickly and easily learn how to find the most powerful and trending hashtags right away. There’s No Theory Here! FACT: Twitter and […]

Venus is now on KIT for Emergency & Survival

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Spiritual Advancement-I AM AVATAR

In perfect stillness of body and mind, the Avatar enjoys the indescribable peace of the Presence of the Soul. Visions are received of the eternal light in which all liberated souls move in unity and love. Read more… Click here  or below #hello2017 #awake #spiritual #enlightenment #evolve #love #peace #facts #finditwithin #NewMonth #February2017 #weareone #awakeningthesoul #enlightenedlivingwithvenus […]

Being Positive in a Negative World: Spiced Weekly Nuggets

It is no coincidence that you are reading this book at this point in time in your life. You have attracted it to your hands because it is exactly what you need. My hope for you is that regardless of your circumstances, you will awaken to new possibilities about your own potential as a unique […]

Great remedy to treat Cancer, HIV/AIDS, High cholesterol and Diabetes

Beta 1,3D Glucan manufactured by Transfer Point, Inc., is the highest product purity of active 1,3/1, 6 poly-glucose which is derived from the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This product has no known toxicity. Beta 1,3D Glucan, is a natural extract known for its ability to modulate the immune system for superior performance and balance. Backed […]

How Does Your Body React To Energy Shifts

How Does Your Body React To Energy Shifts SYMPTOMS OF ENERGY SHIFTS: OK, with less than one week to the final Super Moon of 2015 and the special Venus, Jupiter & Mars conjunction our bodies may be feeling the odd bout of SPIRITUAL FLU. So many of my beautiful community are reporting of their ‘flu […]

Responsibility and Positivity: You Can’t Have One Without The Other

Self-talk is known by many names: thought processes, inner monologue, internal reasoning, etc. Self-talk is simply our inner voice. It is the voice that has the power to either motivate or demotivate. It is our thoughts that tell us to give in to, or walk away from, our vice. It can lift us up or tear us […]