9 Herbs To Boost The Immune System And Repair Lung Damage

We present you nine herbs which can not only help you improve your immune system, but will also fight lung infections, and repair lung damage.

9 Herbs to Boost the Immune System and Repair Lung Damage

You don’t have to take a prescription or over-the-counter medicine to treat your common cold, cough, or a stuffy nose.

Instead, you can try some natural treatments such as herbs to boost the immune system as well as your lung health.

For that purpose, we present you nine herbs which can not only help you improve your immune system, but will also fight lung infections, and repair lung damage.

Here are the plants that will change your life by improving your health.

9 Herbs to Boost the Immune System and Lung Health

1. Osha Root

This herb comes from the Rocky Mountain area. Its content includes camphor and other compounds which improve the blood flow to the lungs, ease the breathing and support the lung health.

2. Peppermint

The menthol in peppermint herb helps relax the muscles in the respiratory system, thus easing the process of breathing. What’s more, it helps treat congestion, and its high antioxidant content protects against various illnesses. The peppermint essential oil has other beneficial uses.

3. Plantain Leaf

Due to the potent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties, plantain leaf helps treat colds and lung irritations, soothes dry coughs, and improves the production of mucus in the lungs.

4. Eucalyptus

Thanks to the compound called cineole, this herb is included in various cough syrups and lozenges. Cineole helps soothe coughs, fight congestions, and treat sinusitis. Furthermore, eucalyptus is rich in antioxidants which boost the immune system.

5. Licorice Root

This plant improves the immune system and cleanses the inflamed mucous membrane. Moreover, licorice root is beneficial for the lungs, stomach, and throat. It helps soothe throat infections and clear away excess mucus.

6. Sage

Sage tea and essential oil are very helpful in the treatment of lung problems and respiratory conditions. Inhale sage steam to clear your sinuses and soothe different lung issues.

7. Mullein

Use this herb to cleanse your bronchial tubes as well as clear away the excess mucus from your lungs. Also, this plant soothes respiratory inflammation. The mullein flowers and leaves are used in the production of a great herbal extract.

8. Thyme

Thyme essential oil provides potent antiseptic, antifungal, and antibiotic properties. It is used to treat chest congestion and kill viruses and bacteria in your body. This makes thyme oil effective in the treatment of infections.

9. Oregano

Oregano is one of the healthiest herbs on the Planet. It’s abundant in vitamins and nutrients which help boost the immune system. What’s more, the herb contains high amounts of rosmarinic acid and carvacrol which are excellent natural decongestants. Furthermore, oregano eases the airflow through the nasal passage and supports the health of the respiratory tract. Oregano tea cures sinusitis, coughs, and infections.

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