I’m Still Here…by Venus Perez-Venus Perez Villars

Trying to understand how I sustained for over 30 years living with HIV and becoming pregnant is the ongoing mystery of my path. I wanted to become a mother, but I could not help worrying whether or not my child would be born ill. Life certainly has been challenging for me. In addition to surviving AIDS, I have had open heart surgery, two aneurysms, cancer for which I had to undergo an hysterectomy, two hernias and multiple hospital admissions throughout the years. There is a real question as to why I’m still here. I constantly asked myself why. I feel that I am no better than the next person. What makes me so special?

After 30 years of pondering this question, I believe I now know the answer. Many search a lifetime for the truth, and I believe the answer is quite simple. Whether you follow a religion or not, I have come to believe in a power greater than myself. I spent many years alone, seeking within for the answers. I used all of the various tools I learned throughout the years. I tested prayer, meditation, and other practices that I thought would get me through each trial and tribulation. Each episode helped me learn what was useful, and I learned very clearly those things that do not serve any purpose in my life. When you face your mortality, you get more clarity about the importance of the “things” in your life.

Life is a school and we need to graduate in order to elevate to the next level. I believe we all go through the same kind of process. However many are not willing to remove the things or people that are hindering our personal growth. I have found that if we can change our minds, we can change our lives. Many of us remain stuck and unhappy because we are going against the grain of our very beings. We go through life doing the opposite of what our intuition tells us. Many of us just do not know who we are or what we are capable of in this world. The truth of the matter is that it is no one’s fault but our own if we do not make the most of our lives. We are responsible for our own actions, our life, and how we are going to experience it. I would hope that your lessons come easier than mine.

Even after everything I have been through, I remain spiritual. I take time everyday to love myself. Loving myself includes exercising, eating healthy, sitting in nature embracing the beauty that surrounds me. When I am seeking an answer to a question, I meditate and listen to the voice of my intuition and I receive the answers. Connecting with the love energy that resides in us all has never failed me yet. It takes some practice, but I have found that all of life’s answers are within us. I have to be vigilant in removing negativity whether it comes from within or from outside sources. I surround myself with like minded people, but I also love encouraging and loving those who are not. Let’s all try planting seeds of growth and proceed to flow with the passions of our hearts.

The answer is LOVE. Love for one’s self, for others, for animals, for nature, for life and for the world. It does not matter what race, color or religion you are. Love covers all. Love is spirituality within the heart. In my personal opinion, love is what healed and sustained me all these years..

Love gives hope…
Love heals…
Love is strength…
Love is courage…
Love is the answer to everything…

In 2017, with all that is going on in the world, many of us are here to send the message as light workers of the truth. I envision an atmosphere of vibrant love energy frequency, understanding and compassion, while encouraging each individual by helping him or her reach their ultimate potential. I am planting seeds of knowledge and understanding along the way so everyone knows that that they have the tools available for personal growth. This is what I have done for myself and being that we are all connected, I share the gifts that I used for myself to assist all my brothers & sister to awaken as well…
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Published by Angel Live Readings with Venus

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