GET YOURSELF UNLOCKED! Open the Seals of Perception and Unveil your Greater Self

Unlock your body universe to experience a brand new reality of a much more colossal nature. No key is needed! This is sacred alchemy triggered through the elixir of expanding perception story.

MORPHOGENESIS is an educational curriculum designed to accelerate your transition into Avatar Consciousness. An ‘Avatar’ is recognized as a self-realized being due to his or her unified awareness and mastery over the human duality program.

This program focuses extensively on opening the biological ‘Crystalline Seals’ through a series of synergistic unlocking  mechanisms purposed to shift perception and activate dormant DNA encoding. Research now shows that cell biology changes as we shift and change our thought structure.

You are guided through an alchemical formula developed around a systematic process of release from the main carnal blocks that keep you bound to the human story.

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transcendence copy

This program has been designed to help you…

  • * Override the human genetic code.
    * Catapult into a greater expression.
    * Actualize more of your brilliance.
  • * Activate dormant DNA encoding.
    * Unlock from the code of time.
    * Experience yourself as a divine creator.


Program Highlights

  • pod-seal


    A 9-month podcast with more than 50 episodes delivers the main teachings together with a mobile app and email navigation.

  • head


    These are powerful audio transmissions to assist your experiential integration.

  • dna-seal


    Spiritual Activation & Energy Reprogramming.
    These are sessions of remote energy transference held monthly. (purchase)

Source: MORPHOGENESIS         


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