In understanding how to achieve our goals we must know what a goal is. A goal is the object toward which effort is directed. A goal is different for everybody. It could be as small as adding cranberries to your diet or as big as planning to be a millionaire.
A goal is thriving to reach and succeed in an area of our lives that is “broken” or “needs improvement.”
We all need improvement wouldn’t you say? Everything significant begins with a vision and a first step.

Before we start I would like you to ask yourself:
• Am I the person I want to be?
• Where do I want to invest my energies?
• What is holding me back?

Life Improvements
Goal setting starts with realistic goals for positive life improvements such as: incorporating walking twice a week or exercising for 15 minutes a day and striving to increase it to three times a week or 30 minutes a day.
Change Our Mind and Attitude
Our mind can be our worst enemy or a good friend. Our thoughts can either build self-esteem or undermine our sense of self worth.

If we continue to corrupt our thinking or indulge in negative confessions about ourselves we will inevitably destroy our self-esteem.
We must discipline our thoughts.
Decide to act.
We must accept our life situation. Read more on Responsibility and Positivity: You Can’t Have One Without The Other
We must always think positively.
• Positive thoughts attract.
• Negative thoughts repel.
• Positive thinking can dispel fear and worry. Consider reading Being Positive in a Negative World: Spiced Weekly Nuggets
Prepare yourself to face anything.
Plant your picture in your mind.
Control the nature of your pictures.
Listen to the voice within.
Every action, every thought, starts off in the mind.
Lack of sleep affects it. Read more on Lack of Sleep Can Quadruple Your Risk of Catching a Cold
Ill health affects it. Read more on  Health & Wellness, Useful Herbs and Supplements to Fight Inflammation , Why we Need Alternative Therapies at This Time
Bad Company affects it.
Negativity affects it.
Fantasying affects.
We have the power to open or shut that door. No one else can.
Make progress slowly but surely.
NEVER use your positive approach for selfish purposes.

There is a solution to every problem. We are reminded to set our mind on those things that are positive, true, honest, just, pure, lovely and good. We must guard our thought life. Read and determine for yourself whether or not the advice I offer hold true.Share your good fortune with others. Your mind can heal you if you believe it to be so. Come face to face with yourself. Can we do it? Absolutely!

It’s ok to lose a few battles. The object is not to lose the war. All of us are here today to win the war. So, congratulations to all!!

Change Our Habits
A habit is a practice or behavior. It is a repetitive behavior. A habit implies something we have learned to do unconsciously and often compulsively and repeatedly.
Do you know a habit can be harmless or life threatening?
Habits can be extremely important.
Habits have a tremendous impact upon the course of our lives and our destiny.
Let me illustrate how the chain of events the lead to a habit:
• We give birth to a thought, which becomes a deed.
• The deed becomes a habit.
• The habit becomes our destiny. Think about it.

Thus, many decisions and choices in our lives, lye in our hands. No one is responsible for our lives but us.

Better Health Choices
Please note: I am not a physician. I am an individual simply providing useful information and suggestions to take it into consideration when making life decisions. Always consult with your physician on the appropriate use of vitamins and supplements.
Abstinence- is the only way to protect yourself 100%. However, being realistic and being aware that sex outside of marriage does exist, I can only recommend that practicing safe sex is crucial in halting this disease.
Simple life changes can keep us healthy so we can enjoy everyday of our lives.
• Take our prescription medication as prescribed.
• Keep our immunizations current.
• Attend support groups to learn and share information.
• Keep blood pressure to 115/76 or 120/80.
• Walk 15 to 30 minutes a day. Also try to incorporate some lunges, crunches and push-ups  (if your health will tolerate it).
• Park our cars further from the shopping centers.
• Eat more fish. Fish is found to decrease inflammation.
• Get a good night sleep. Women generally require 6 to 7 hours and men 8 hours.
• Always stimulate the mind. Reading, watching educational programs and seminars are  all good ways to stimulate the mind. Make every moment count.
• Manage finances. Live within your means. Living over your limit will cause extreme  stress.                                                                                                                                                                   • Learn stress reduction techniques. Lie on the floor and breathe.
• Pay attention to the breaths and the diaphragm rising up and down.
• My favorite technique is “Crunching you face.” Try it. Crunch your face and see if you are   able to think about anything. You can’t. When I perform this technique, my mind goes         blank. It really helps me forget my stress.
• Read food labels.
• Wash your hands often.
• Wash vegetables and fruit in lukewarm water before eating.
• Have 9 servings (1 serving is a fist size) of fruits and vegetables daily.
• Beware of the word “Enriched.”
• Beware of the word “Corn Syrup.”
• Take the right amount of vitamin D (recommended-400 iu). Vitamin D can be found in milk, orange juice and also a half hour of sunlight.
Folic acid (400mg) is required for women. Men need 300mg. Pregnant women require 800mg or more.
• It has been found that women who take folic acid supplements before they become    pregnant reduce the risk of certain birth defects.
Omega 3: found in olive oil and avocados.
• Call a friend.
• Flossing and brushing daily-keeps bacteria from forming in the intestines.
• Change toothbrush-every month and after a cold.                                                                            • Calcium and magnesium with Vitamin D are found to help with bones and joints.
• Vitamin A (2500mg or less): Note: too much Vitamin A can cause liver and kidney    problems. Check with a doctor before taking Vitamin A in large amounts.
• 1 ounce of nuts daily-preferably walnuts.
• Enjoy healthy fat before meals. Have an avocado spread with whole grain.
• Find beauty in the world and in your life.

Visualize Your Goals
Don’t we want to be in control of our actions? I know I do.
Decide today to set up goals.
If you are a visual person like me you can use the example listed below.
• Draw a large circle on a piece of paper.
• Write on the top of the paper “20__ Goals.”
• Draw a line down the middle of the circle.
• Draw a line across the circle (Left to right).
• Draw a line diagonally in the circle.
• Draw another diagonal line in the opposite direction.
• You should have a circle that looks like a pizza pie or a pie chart.
• In each space on your pie chart, write a goal you would like to accomplish (fill all the spaces on your chart).
Congratulations, you have just empowered yourself and had set up your goals!

Place this goal sheet in a place you will be able to view daily.
When completing a goal, highlight the space on your goal chart.
When you complete your goal chart, you will realize how much one person can achieve.
Final note: Don’t get discouraged if you were unable to reach your goals that day, that month or that year. The great thing is you can always start with a new day everyday.

In order for you to teach others you need to lean and categorize your gifts.
We all have “Gifts of Service.”
The Gifts of Service have certain characteristics such as:
• Having a strong desire to be with other people.
• Disregards any weariness on their part.
• Views practical needs.
• Loves others to achieve.
• Has difficulty-saying no.
• Meets needs quickly.
• Loves short range projects.
• Needs approval and recognition.
• Alert to likes and dislikes.
• Operates best using their gifts.
• Tendency to feel inadequate.                                                                                                                      • Shows commitment.
• Gets things done.
• Hospitable.
• Generous.
• Joyful.
• Flexible.
• Available.
• Possesses endurance.
This list names just some examples of individual personal traits and characteristics.
Without a doubt, each individual will have one or more of these gifts.
If you don’t wouldn’t you like to?
Once you have identified your personal character or gifts, you need to practice and develop it. Developing your gifts is not difficult. It takes time, patience and love for yourself and others. You must invest time to getting to know yourself better.
Surround yourself in environments and places where you can exercise your gifts.
Once you have mastered your gifts, go and spread them to others. Share them and teach others through word of mouth, friends, family, Churches, gatherings, events, newspapers and web pages. The methods of transmitting your gifts are endless.
I would like to challenge you today to spend time with yourself. Find out who you really are.

Use the many wonderful resources and web links available below to help you.                           Enlightened Living with Venus:                                                https://enlightenedlivingwithvenus.godaddysites.com/

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Self-Reliance: Well-Rounded Preparedness Part 1 & 2 Short Term & The Long Term:  https://wordpress.com/post/enlightenedlivingwithvenus.blog/426

Seek the many gifts each one of us has been given.
“Your life counts.”
Share your gifts with the world!
“You will know them by their fruit.”

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