How Does Your Body React To Energy Shifts

How Does Your Body React To Energy Shifts


SYMPTOMS OF ENERGY SHIFTS: OK, with less than one week to the final Super Moon of 2015 and the special Venus, Jupiter & Mars conjunction our bodies may be feeling the odd bout of SPIRITUAL FLU. So many of my beautiful community are reporting of their ‘flu like’ symptoms, which are often caused by energy shifts – or what we term ‘ascending into higher consciousness’. The physical body is the last level to upgrade after your mind does..

Over the years I’ve seen myself and countless others go through major energy shedding periodically, after intense cosmic influences, like we had at the recent eclipses. Our body incubates, heats up and burns away the energy toxicity when we move to a new level of spiritual awareness. Personal power is being re-calibrated within…

What is Spiritual Flu?
– You may have sore joints/muscles, thumping headaches, tiredness, sore eyes, blocked ears or nose, feeling hot from within (but not fever), heat coming from hands and feet, tingling all over, thymus palpitations. There are many symptoms that arise seemingly out of the blue. In other words, you can’t recall any physical event or reason that may have brought them on.

– Whilst you may think you are coming down with a cold or the flu, you don’t actually get the full blown sore throat or fully inflamed sinuses etc. There are some physical symptoms yet they are MILDER than a normal physical flu. Naturally if you are physically ill, get this checked out. Check out the physical so you can put your mind at rest

Listen to your body, make changes as you need to. Drink more water, stretch and rest. Most importantly don’t back down on your dreams. Follow through. You are now in the prime position to excel…It’s often darkest before the dawn heart emoticon

Love you soul troopers…October is a special time for us. Read my daily energy forecasts, 7-days in advance for the globe with THE TIP-OFF GLOBAL ENERGY FORECAST

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