Lightworkers Awakening

Lightworkers Awakening


I have been hesitating in sharing this but I feel like now is the time. Wondering why I have endured all in my life and still here made me spend much time in solitude and in searching my soul as to who I am and what is my purpose…I can only recall at 9 years old a vision I had that I had shared with a couple of friends and close family of what I had seen of the future. As a child I was terrified. A few of my friends called me an intercessor for which I pondered this response because I am not any better than anyone else. However the life that I live is not an easy one but this is what I decided before I came into this world. Yes I choose this life.. I just thought I was an naive, emotional woman who cared too much…With this information it forced me to investigate and research others like myself and these things that others had seen in me. I was also sent a helper, my husband Gene who enlightened me and showed me the path that I follow today. My husband is an old soul possessing wisdom of teachers long ago with many gifts. I now know why I am here and why I endured the hard road I was led to..This is why I do what I do today. There is no reason for me to post this but to help all of us in our wonderful journey approaching for which I want all of us to be a part of. I so love the world but I am sadden by the suffering all over the world, from the earth, trees, people and animals of all kinds. Maybe you are like me too. If you are help me to help others to grow in peace and love. Love Venus

Message from Venus Perez of Utopia Pioneers

Published by Angel Live Readings with Venus

I work with my life experience as well as Angelic Realms. My name is Venus Perez I am Spiritual Guide, Empath, Healer & Angel Specialist. My areas of expertise are vast. I can help you with everything in your life. Now you may ask yourself, how. We will have wonderful Angel readers, Tarot readers, Psychic mediums, Reiki healers, Spiritualist and much much more for your spiritual growth!! Services: $3 ONE CARD READINGS w BIRTH DATE INFO $10 THREE CARD FULL EXTENDED READING w BIRTH DATE INFO Share & Follow$VenusMPerez

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